Trade Mark

Brand owner: InterSite (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

FULL: Decorative artificial wood, Luxury vinyl tile, SPC wood floor, wall wood, ceiling wood, lath, balcony, fence, complete in one place by InterSite (Thailand) Co., Ltd. For more than 20-years, we focus on developing products to have the highest quality. It is modern and meets all aspects of customer usage.


There are various FULL products such as flooring materials, fabrics, walls and decorative artificial wood, etc. They can be used to decorate homes, buildings, shops to add beauty. Perfect in every square inch, durable, no problem with eating termites 10-year warranty, made from environmentally friendly materials. Safe with workers want grade A quality decorative materials that are beautiful, perfect, and can be used for a long time, must choose FULL only.

“Fill the beauty. Every square inch is durable.”

– Mr.Manoch Phopraya
– Managing Director